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Customizing G2 McDonald's Ponies


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
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Jun 17, 2015
I'm not sure if anyone's opened these up before (actually nah, I'm sure at least one person has). I keep getting these manky Lightheart McDonald's ponies in lots, and they're starting to overrun my McD's pony bucket! so I figured I'd take the one I have that's in the worst condition and turn it into Prince Firefly. But I quickly realized that the neck plugs on these things are tough.

I spent a good ten minutes running the head and neck under hot water and pulling on it before I was finally able to pry it loose. And the neck plug actually has a little mechanism on it that makes the head turn. Both the plug and the mechanism came out with no damage, these things are quite solid. Although now I'm worried about when it comes time to put the head back on lol! But anyway, I thought these pics might be interesting enough to show for anyone who was curious or had thought about customizing these:

I am honestly thoroughly impressed by the quality of these things. These are Happy Meal toys, I wasn't expecting such a hardy mechanism to challenge me when I decided to customize one! I will definitely post pics after the Prince Firefly custom is complete too <3