Can Hasbro compete with Calico Critters in the pony line?

Nightmare Muffin

Aug 1, 2017
Guuuuuuuys, I'm seeing more and more of these becoming popular and having been for what seems like a while now, but ok- Caliico Critters. They're adorable. They have gorgeously detailed sets and clothing, and are just adorable. Right? Right. And I'm dying inside because they just seem SO cute and I know that Hasbro has done something like the before- the Takara Osharena ponies, but never marketed them to a U.S. and EU demographic. I'd want so badly for Hasbro to try and compete with this adorable brand (and its quality) by maybe re-introducing / reviving the Osharenas in the near future. Is Hasbro failing to ride the coattails of the Calico Critters by not marketing their own competing line? Is there any (or enough) demand by the g1 fans for the Osharena revival, to start petitioning third party companies (like Bridge Direct) to make this a reality?


Sparkle Pony
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Jun 22, 2005
While there are similarities between the Takaras & Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families I personally don't think they're similar enough to be in competition with each other. Nor do I think they need to be :)

I'm a collector myself of Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters, and the reason I love them is because of the very lifelike details. They're adorable and 'natural'. Meanwhile the Takaras are very much pastels and 'girly' like most My Little Pony (which I love too!). Not to mention... those little horses doesn't look the slightest bit lifelike :p

But even though I love both Calico Critters and MLP I've never been particularly fond of Takaras. I guess mixing MLP with Calico Critters just doesn't do it for me. That, and I think those little horses just looks too weird. Ok, so I'm probably a poor example as I tend to have unpopular opinions in general and others most likely love the combination. But regardless... that toy does aim for a rather specific niche group which is good as it means less competition!

And so, that being said, if there's a genuine interest amongst people then a collective letter to the companies requesting the return of these (perhaps pointing to that it's quite popular with these types of toys these days, with the smaller figurines in somewhat lifelike settings) might help :)


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Apr 9, 2010
Just saw these in Target this morning. Not the first "off brand" of Calico/Sylvanian I have seen. But awfully cute and fun houses/playsets! They even have their own version of blind bags!



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Apr 15, 2017
I think the Takaras a good start for a body, but in order to properly compete the line would have to be more pastel rather than the very bright colors we've been having. Also, quality control would need to increase...