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Pied Piper of Ponies
Jan 20, 2018
G1 Ponies still needed

Year 1

1. FF Blossom
2. FF Cotton Candy

Year 2
4. CF Blue Belle
5. Brandy the pup
Sealight’s shell

Year 3
7. Curly hair Bowtie
8. Trickles Rainbow pony
9. Seabreeze and shell
10.High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell
11.Wave Jumper and shell
12.Sea Mist and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell
14.Sea Star
15.Tiny Bubbles
16.Sea Shimmer

Year 4
18.BBE Baby Halfnote
19.BBE Baby Tiddywinks
20.BBE Baby Cuddles
21.Snowball puppy
22.Celebrate from party pack
23.All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5
24.Friendly (blue) bushwoolie
25.Eager (dark pink)
26.Cheery (pink)
27.BB Slugger
28.Wavy and float
29.Surfy and float
30.Sea spray and float
31.Dipper and Float
32.Sea breeze and float
33.Salty and float
34.SS Crumpet
36.Newborn twin Rattles
37.Pillow Talk
38.Pink Dreams
39.Night Cap
40.Sleepy head
42.Sweet Dreams

Year 6
45.Coco Berry
46.All mommy charms
47.TAF Munchy
48.BNG Twisty tail
49.Princess Sunbeam
50.Princess Misty
52.Princess moondust
53.Princess Dawn
54.Newborn twins speckles,
57.HT Squeezer
61.Tall Tales
62.Baby Graffiti
65.Watercolour sea ponies Foamy and float
66.Misty and float
67.Sealight and float
68.Wave Dancers and float
69.Seawinkle and float
70.SW Lady Flutter
72.SweetBerry Boysenberry Pie
73.Raspberry Jam
74.Cranberry Muffins
76.Cha Cha
77.Cat nip

Year 7
78.MGR Tassles
79.Diamond Dreams
80.CC Caramel Crunch
83.Sunshine Mainsail
84.Beach Ball
86.TAF Megan
87.Fancy pants Baby Bows
89.Baby Starburst
90.Dance and prance Twirler
93.Tap Dancer
97.Daddy Sweet Celebrations
98.WW Whirly
102. Starry Wings
103. Playtime brothers Leaper
104. Racer
105. Sparkle pony Twinkler
106. Baby Stripes
107. Baby Nectar
108. Baby Lucky Leaf
109. Baby Leafy
110. Baby Pockets
111. Baby Hoppy
112. SHS Flowerburst
113. Frilly Flower

Year 8
114. Drink and wet Snookums
115. Cuddles
116. SHS Sweet Sundrop
117. Cha cha
118. Daisy Dancer
119. Twinkler

Year 9
120. Flower Dream
121. Garden glow
122. Precious pocket Sweet pocket
123. Bunny Hop
124. Pretty beat
125. Half Note
126. Baby Brightbow
127. Baby Sunribbon
128. Baby Toe Dancer
129. Secret Surprise Secret Star

130. Secret Beauty
131. Pretty Puff
132. Teeny Tiny Little tabby
133. Little Whiskers
134. Pink Princess pony

Year 10
135. Colourswirl Lovebeam
136. Springy
137. Starswirl
138. Paradise baby Beach ball
139. Pineapple
140. Sundazzle Sunbeam
141. Sunsplasher
142. Sunglory
143. Teeny Tiny Rattles
144. Tattles
145. Bootsie
146. Tootsie
147. Sniffles
148. Snookums
149. Purple sweet talkin
150. Lovin’ kisses
151. Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
153. Fancy mermaid pearly
154. Sea princess
155. Sea Shimmer

Big brother hats and bandannas for Chief, Wigwam, 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback

International Ponies needed

Activity Club Baby Ponies
Baby Ponies (First Edition)
UK babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon
Tutti Frutti
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies
Good Weather

All Sweet Kisses ponies

Non so soft Wind Whistler, Gusty, Shady, Magic Star, Buttons

Sea Ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Wave Breaker with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell

Playschool Baby Ponies
Schooltime Ponies

Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)

Flower ponies (except Daffodil)

7 Tales (except Clover)

Cookery Ponies

Good Weather

Romance Ponies Love Letter

Nurse Ponies

Rollerskate ponies

Great hair ponies

Hair do ponies

Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright

Best Friend Ponies

Sweetie babies

Jewelry ponies

Seaside ponies except Splosh

Baby Sunset and Stargaze

35th Anniversary Firefly (MIB preferably)
35th Anniversary Moondancer (MIB preferably)
35th Anniversary Glory (MIB preferably)
35th Anniversary Twilight (MIB preferably)
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