Bringing back an old character with new art!

Discussion in 'Other Artwork' started by sd_dreamcrystal, Apr 30, 2018.

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    c/p from another forum because I'm -lazy-

    Ok I know I have another thread sitting here somewhere but thing is I don't do art enough to really need one thread for everything. Plus in my mind one thread gives me a false sense of things (or the fact that when I tried it before it still died XD)

    Anyway we here for art not my false securities XD

    This art features a relic character from my past!

    Crystal used to not be a pony but after years of not being able to draw her as a proper equine (it's funny that I can draw a pony but not a horse!) and she is quite happy to be finally remembered and redrawn! I could not find any of my old art of her so a good bit of this was by memory and even then there are a lot of changes. Originally she was a character I had on Neopets...

    But I already have a full explanation on my DA page so if you would like to read there then by all means :D
    Still not happy with shading but oh well!
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    Oooo, i love it! That is flat out gorgeous!
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