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Nov 5, 2017
Hi everyone!
I'm very new to my little pony collecting, I've had my G1 ponys since I was little and recently picked up another bundle from a lady who was selling them on a selling site, along with the dream castle, nursery, dance studio, and another play set I don't know the name of lol (intially all this was for my two year old daughter ... initially lol) Anyway, her ponies were quite dirty and in pretty bad shape so I started googling how to clean them and de tangle their hair and while I was at it I gave my old ponies a make over and Boom just like that I'm hooked! I just want more ponies to look after now and make pretty again I wouldn't say I want to customise although i have been looking into rerooting pony hair as some of the ones I bought in a bundle have had their hair chopped :(
So yeah I'm really only interested in G1 ponies, not really worried about getting really rare ones, just picking up some un loved, dirty pony and giving it a new lease of life
Any advice on where to buy ponies and how to go about collecting absolutly 100% welcome! Oh and if anyone could tell me if I have any special ones that'd be great, I'm almost there on memorizing their names haha, pretty sure they're all pretty common but hey you never know!
Looking forward to hearing from you


Dec 7, 2016
Welcome. I have been collecting G1's for a year. I find my ponies at thrift stores, sometimes craigslist, and of course FB groups, ebay, etc. I also love cleaning and giving old ponies new life. It's addicting! Have fun!


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Jan 3, 2006
Welcome to the MLPTP! Ponies can become addicting. You'll probably find tons of info here on the forum but we're always here to help if you need any advice :)


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Dec 24, 2010
Welcome! I think it is wonderful that you want to pick up those poor loveless ponies and give them new life. This is my favorite hobby. Nothing brings me so much joy as fixing a dirty, messed up pony or doll. They really sparkle when you fix them. Its just super fun.