( Blossom and the Dragon ) Novel now with Update cover and Blurb.


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Apr 26, 2017
Novel Cover Renovation...

Alex Blue Birds New Original Art. Masterpiece
Screenshot (3379).png

Sprinkle it a bit of my Personal magical touch.
Screenshot (3380).png

And Eh Voila

Screenshot (3378).png

A very Unique Cover with not just one art Masterpiece. But three Very Unique Carefully Crafted Masterpieces. Put together ...
Combined with A Blurb written in Poetry. Along with a Side Dish of a Mini Poem.
(Yes the Yin Yang will Stay ) For it Complements the book. Giving the reader something Extra Special to See.
Alex Blue Bird and I are a dynamic duo of a Team indeed' and we are both Swift when it comes to Getting the Job done.
However we believe in giving the Reader Even More to Indulge into in both Illustrations. Poetry combines with a Masterpiece of a Story.
Love it
Hate it.
What do you think.

This is the update to chapters written for the novel series so far..
Screenshot (3383).png
Holly Cranberries Applesauce. I love Writing. cant Wait to Dive into Writing the Next Novel.
Alex Blue Bird is An Epic Artist and Yes She is my Partner on this Novel Series Cover Designs..

Yes I have an Editor on Board too.

However better get lost and Finish this First Book..

Hugs Everyone you are all the BEST ...!!!!