Bead sprite art help please!


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May 31, 2009
Hey guys! I have been doing bead sprites for a while now, strictly Perler beads. I ordered Hama beads for the first time from an online retailer I'd never ordered from before. I just ironed the first projects I made from this order. Two problems arose.

One, the Perler beads in yellow I'd purchased from this retailer made a stringy mess when I pulled it off the board (I know, I should be using the masking tape method, but I simply don't have time right now). This has never happened before.

The second problem was from a Perler/Hama mix. Everything I'd read online said that it is perfectly fine to mix the two types, but when I did, pain city. The Hamas melted faster and the melting quality was terrible. Do you think I got a hold of bad beads? image.jpgimage.jpg