Basic Fun Skydancer Alt Rehair


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Apr 15, 2017
Skydancer was one of my first G1s, and my first rainbow pony, so I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I saw that my Target had an extra scented Skydancer who no one had picked up yet, so I decided to make her a bit more different to justify having her in my collection.

I used 4 different colors of Katsilk Saran. I had two on hand from my first rehair (the Best Wishes below) and got the other two out of curiosity mostly. They're very similar colors but slightly different, I think it adds a little extra something to the rehair?

I also left it suuper long. My first rehair I cut it a little too short and I kind of regretted it.

Also, it looked so pretty so long? So I kept it. I might curl it sometime this summer but for now I'm leaving it.
This actually took me, like, two months because I got really busy and had to drop it for some time, but I'm glad I finished it.
If I were more proficient at painting, perhaps I would go in and make the birds look like seagulls, or paint them blue. Maybe when I get a little more skilled! Rehairing is less stressful than painting as is, and I need some more stress relief than anything else.
I've been thinking about picking up any other lonely rainbows and doing something similar to them to make a whole set, but that would require a lot more purchases of hair! I've already got some buzzed ponies I need to work on, anyway.