Banning plastic. Would the fight matter with Hasbro?

Nightmare Muffin

Aug 1, 2017
With China now refusing to take a lot of the world's plastic waste imports, there's a crisis on where it can go, and it's being sent to other poor countries to be burned or wind up in illegal landfills. There's a desperate need, now, more than ever to ban the plastic and have retailers change their product packaging. I know Hasbro uses excessive amounts of plastic in their pony product packaging, but do you guys think it's worth trying to push Hasbro to change, since 1: a lot of the older fanbase doesn't actually purchase their lesser quality products, so they're not the ones who need to vote with their wallets, and 2: the ponies being sold are made of non bio-degradable materials? What have you guys noticed regarding Hasbro's packaging in the pony products? Does anything need to change?


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Dec 5, 2010
I just went to Walmart yesterday and noticed they'd put out a bunch of new ponies (Mane 6 as usual, but different versions I guess). They no longer had brushes/combs and simply included one pony figure but man, the packaging was elaborate considering they weren't special editions, as far as I know. It's certainly aesthetically pleasing but it was really wasteful. The pony itself took up maybe a third of the total height of the (entirely plastic) packaging. There was a lot of empty space. I can't imagine how much plastic was used in mass-producing those.

On one hand, I know a lot of collectors keep their ponies mint for display/value purposes, but collectors aren't the primary market here. Most people I know actively shop for eco-friendly products, so I think changing the packaging would be beneficial. It might also push prices down a bit but that's just my own wishful thinking. XD The majority of consumers want more eco-friendly products. I really think it would do Hasbro well to keep up with that demand.


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
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Mar 22, 2010
interesting you bring up packaging

my understanding is they have an enzyme that eats that kind of plastic bottle packaging so we can rid of the majority of problematic plastic that is usually just thrown away/recycled so that now the recycling ain't just burning up but we really can get to be sustainable like we have worked out with paper products

I just hope that enzyme won't degrade the toys themselves but in the end we all do realize all stuff is just dust to dust so I'd be happy with just a thousand year shelf life ;-)


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Jun 8, 2005
Just like food containers for resturants for the typical 'doggy bag', they are being made with plant based materials for plastic or paper type boxes. The plastics for the Mane 6 and Retro Anniversary MLPs probably have a more plant based plastic mix, but we wouldn't know for sure unless someone asks. If Hasbro has done this, it would be good PR to explain why and how they did this change in an article or interview online or tv. Have a seal indicating that the toy's box has been redeveloped to be plant based plastics.

I mean, Hasbro removed BPA from their ponies in the early 2000s, why not make the packaging plant based plastic?