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May 9, 2019
You look great today. ;)

Here's my wishlist of ponies. As far as conditions, the mintier the better, right? I avoid regrind, obvious head/body color differences, severe hair cuts or missing plugs, cancer, highlighter marks, and pin-dot mold, but flaws on the NDS are ok. I'd rather avoid symbol rubs, but am ok with blush rubs, faded glitter and typical play wear. Eyes must be in good shape, no major scratches. I'm fine with writing on the bottom of the hooves, frizzy or dry hair, wild tinsel or any other temporary marks/tangles, etc that can be restored at the pony spa! I love cleaning up and styling ponies. I collect from all generations to some extent but no EQG please. I don't collect alternate rehairs, deflocks, or customs. I'm picky about flocking on So Softs- interested in clean ones with little to no loss at the ears, neck and hooves. Combs aren't necessary, but I love to have original ribbons, barrettes, and accessories if they are available and pretty. For me, it's all about the display.

***indicates super mega want***

POSTING WISHLIST FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! (I am not actively buying right now...unless it's in my signature!)


***MIB French flutter pony***
***Princess Sapphire glow-in-the-dark mane variant***
***Oakley the Moose***
Greek Ladybird
Argentina Powder (white hair)
Baby Cherries Jubilee
Dance N Prance Player w/all accessories
Waterfall playset with bottle of Pony Bubbles solution
SS Truly (repro stand is fine)
SS Crumpet
Flutter Cloud Puff
Flutter Hollywood
Rainbow Curl Stripes
BNG Braided Beauty with barrettes
Mountain Boy Sunburst
Tux n' Tails w/bow tie
Pearlized Baby Cotton Candy
Bedtime Newborn Baby Moondream
Bedtime Newborn Baby Stargaze
Kiss N Make Up with lipstick
UK Daffodil
Baby Sapphire w/ring
Baby Ruby w/ring
MIB Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister - ChaCha OR Daisy Dancer
MOC Glittery Sweetheart Sister on pink card - Starflash, Bright Night, OR Sunblossom
MOC Glow N Show on dark blue US card - Dazzleglow
MO newborn baby Ribbons and Hearts (loose, with good symbols)

G1 Accessories & Merch
***Petite Royal Castle accessories: small flag for top tower, swan carriage, bed, throne, dresser (either colorway)***
***Sweet Dreams ponywear set of pink fluffy slippers***
*** purple and white striped sleeping cap from slumber party pack***
***yellow crown from Dream Castle playset)
Flutter pony ribbons, metallic - silver (x2), gold (x1)
Princess Sparkle's aqua ribbon with gold trim
Princess Moodust's dark aqua ribbon with gold trim
Princess Taffeta's dark pink ribbon with gold trim
Princess Royal Blue's bushwoolie Wishful
Princess Royal Blue's blue damsel hat w/pink ribbon
Princess Royal Blue's light purple wand
aqua bird and lily barrette (for Red Roses)
UK Fact File (complete, decent condition)
UK Princess Ponies paper leaflet/insert with dragons
G1 blue pearly trinket box (with mommy and baby pair on lid)
G1 white ceramic heart shaped trinket box (with Bowtie and Bubbles)
Mommy Charms - Sweetheart and True Blue

***Lady Dragonfly - accessories only - dragonfly barrettes***
baby twins Drifter and Dreamer, lose and complete w/all accessories

***2004 Mexico/Argentina Happy Meal Toy- Winter Snow***
***purple bow barrette for Favorite Friends Wisteria***
scalloped purple goblets (x2) from Crystal Rainbow Castle or Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio
Star Flight w/crown
super long hair Rainbowberry
*LOVE the translucent G3 charms! Send those my way!

***Basic Fun SDCC Exclusive Majesty (2019)***
Cutie Mark Crew - series 2 friendship party Luna, series 3 wedding bash Cadence, series 3 championship party Spitfire w/goggles, series 4 sightseeing fun Statue of Liberty Rarity, series 4 snow day Smolder in Cocoa, series 5 Lotus Blossom w/perfume.
Magic Potions - Unicorns Sparkle box set, bb Batch 2 Gardenia Glow
Metal Earth model kits - Rarity x2, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie
Friendship is Magic Aloe boutique spa set
MIP Egmont Magazine Figures - Sunburst, Nightmare Moon
Euro release MIB Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style
Euro release MIB Rarity Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style
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