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Any one want a custom read note inside


Cast are not fun!
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Oct 6, 2013
My Ipod nano that was a million years old got dropped in water and broke. I need my Ipod to listen to music to help when I get up set or need to turn the world off for a min. At the moment I don't have enough funds to get a used one on Ebay.

I am willing to do a Commission for a character just nothing with a super complicated cutie mark. Possible one that has hair similar in color to some bait I have.
I have G3 and a few FS G4 I don't paint the smaller ponies they just are to hard for me to do.

I am asking 35 plush shipping for this it comes with another custom later for free.
I am in the US have a dog and cat but a smoke free home
I prefer to do the custom in the US just for shipping reason I will consider Canada too.
Shipping will be separate.