2019 Pony Project- assistance needed

Nightmare Muffin

Aug 1, 2017
soooo, since someone working as the head of a certain g4 blog forum basically said 'screw you, we don't want past pony gen on our site' in spite of them having a "blast from the past" subsection that hasn't been touched in 2 years just gathering dust, I'm hoping to rally the g1, 2, and 3 community of collectors and fans in a rather ambitious project, if anyone's interested.

World Goth Day.

This is an acknowledgement event that happens on May 22 each year, and with My Little Pony having a few gothy ponies in its arsenal (g4 GothShy, Inky Rose, Moonlight Raven, and I'm throwing g1's "Osharena Ponies" in the lineup due to them being a 'stylish pony' and goth is a style, on a technicality. (I'd love to include gothic lolita as well, since this branch of the toyline seems heavily inspired by the lolita fashion)) I have to wonder if anyone in the fandom will be interested in celebrating this in all its gothy glory. Would you guys like to help work on a small scale project around World Goth Day and ponies?