G4 trade G4 Pinkie pie for g4.5

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Pony lover piggy mama
Aug 29, 2017
Hello I have a pinkie pie for trade she is in acceptable condition she has chew marks on her ear and
One of her feet
I am looking for G4.5
Here are the photos
IMG_20180723_1353306_rewind_kindlephoto-72766031.jpg IMG_20180723_1353480_rewind_kindlephoto-72664160.jpg
IMG_20180723_1354109_rewind_kindlephoto-72827144.jpg IMG_20180723_1354007_rewind_kindlephoto-72885635.jpg
if you are interested please PM me if you want to offer me McDonald's please do not bother me sorry if that comes across rude I don't like McDonald's so please do not offer them thanks anyway
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