Can’t get out of bed, can’t get out of my head


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Oct 18, 2017
I was dancing around while cleaning yesterday as well. Also, @Cactusflower you look fabulous in your little Claus dress. Looks like you were having lots of fun in typical Vancouver weather. ;p

So today my friend stopped by with her dog and she wanted to see my collection. And she asked me the hardest question of all - “I you had to choose, which pony is your favourite?”
I told her I can’t choose just one but I love my international Shady and Wind Whistler because I played with them most as a child and I recently re-claimed them into my collection. And that my Pinkie/Fluttershy’s are a hard favourite from my G4 herd. She just laughed and said that my pearl Baby Firefly was her favourite. :lolpony:


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Jan 20, 2018
Speaking of playing favourites... Butterscotch is always gonna be on my list, because she was my first. I've been working hard on my pony closet since I got home from Toronto. I pulled out my Dutch ponies. I have to say that the Shell, Heart and Candy ponies are up there for me. I love their striking colours. Also, quite fond of my Macau Butterscotch. I kinda forgot how many International ponies I had.