~~* The MLPTP's 2011 Secret Santa Holiday Swap *~~ ALMOST DONE!


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see I always had to wait to open gifts, and I couldn't stand it, even as a kid... so I know I can't resist now as an adult, cause I get even less presents now :p


I have a surprise for my partner!! :)

I bought a pony with the beginning of the swap - but I haven't received it for weeks...so I bought another pony as replacement and shipped my box out to my partner.

Guess what?
Yesterday I received the missing pony in the mail.
I already wrapped it up and will sent it to my partner as well - I only bought it for the swap and don't need it for myself - so partner when you read this and get your box in the next days - keep in mind that you'll get a second little package from me in a few days. :)

So I can also spoil my partner a bit more. :hugegrin: