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Still working on the mlp site, need some more help with it



Unfortunately we`ll be posted at tripod until we can afford a dot com place for it. >_<; But hopefully you`ll still enjoy it. :D

Here`s what we got so far:
Photograph section to post photographs of ponies, your collection & costumes/dress up as the mlp ponies
Art section to post artwork
Animated gifs
Movie clips
Custom tips
(We are working on the registry section but it may take a while before my programmer can work on that because we need a dot com place)
Trading/selling board
Trader feedback
Want list board
Prints for buying art that`s professionally printed
Profiles that have information on ecah of the toys from all the lines
& much more! :D

What I need is someone or some people who can:
-provide information about the toy line (I don`t want to take from other websites because that`s plagarism & I don`t have their permission to take their information)
-photos for showing the different ponies, accessories, & playsets (because I don`t have all of them to do photos myself),
-someone who can provide a few customizing tips (any sort from how to do it to what materials can be used for costumes or for a specific hair look, etc)
-Someone who can provide anything else for the above mentioned sections or who wants to help with anything with the site

You can either respond to this post or e-mail me at DJFox@comcast.net if you are able to help us in any way. :)