Snow_Leopard's personas


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jun 6, 2009
Winter Solstice:

Solstice is very courteous and kind, but is rebellious and adventures at heart. She longs for a life beyond simple pony life; Her dreams are bigger than the small world she lives in. Winter may be friendly and outgoing, but she is more of an independent spirit, and hates conformity more than anything. Among her friends, Solstice is the entertainer and the serious one at the same time. Her personality is very mixed.


(Note: patch's pic from ponyisland)
Patch is shy, timid, and a tad small for his age. his whereabouts are unknown; Solstice found him all alone in a forest outside of dream valley, injured and falling apart. Strangely, Patch is made up of stitching and cloth, rather than flesh and bone. But he is very much alive, and he can feel pain and be hurt, despite his artificial exterior. Patch immediately grows close to Winter Solstice; They first join as good friends, but eventually become more. Patch is soft-spoken and he has a huge heart. He often sacrifices himself for those he cares about.
Character he can be sort of compared to: The Other Wybie from Coraline (Except Patch can talk)

Winter and Patch’s relationship: They are a couple, though it is not always obvious. They do not call each other pet names, nor do they exhibit PDA in an evident way. The extent of their public displays of affection: standing or walking close to each other, Bodies touching when they are near, etc. Most of their love for each other is displayed through their actions. They often put themselves in the face of danger to prevent anything from happening to each other. Patch does this most often.
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