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Sharing pony headcanons

Nightmare Muffin

Aug 1, 2017
just dropping some headcanons for all gens of MLP. (FiM season 9 spoilers!!!! Beware! )

- Ponies are- contrary to their beliefs and convictions- not the ultimate master race. They may be powerful magic users, and some specialized in the field, such as Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer- but they have forgotten the ways of true magic- that of nature- and have long deviated and distorted what magic once was, by dappling in the arcane. The sole race of pony kind that comes close to the magical roots are earth ponies- and even then, there are few and far between that still practice the old traditions- few who even know that the ways of magic were originally taught to their kind by the Rhinos, their ancestors and original unicorns of old. But Zecora knows……

So to do the Asiatic pony breeds- specifically, the Takara earth ponies of Japony. As they hold to the belief that there is a spirit within everything that exists in nature, they are far more easily able to manifest the magic that had been taught by the Originals. They, together with the Breezies and Flutter Pones- fairy type races who are naturally inclined toward earth type magic- are the only races of the pony species who most closely keep to the craft of the Originals.

Though much regarding the origin of the truest kind of pony magic that had been passed down from the unicorns of old, from the pre-Equestrian era had been purposely destroyed by ponies with malicious intent and victors of warfare who have the means to rewrite history and corrupt the minds of the ignorant and been lost to time- there are a secret group within Equestria’s borders who retain such knowledge. These few defy the crown and have been ruthlessly hunted down and eliminated by the ruling Alicorns- namely, Princess Celestia. (Luna- having been absent for much of her sisters’ rule, has remained ignorant to Celestia’s actions and decrees, though due to Luna holding a seat within the monarchy, she is no less exempt from the crime of these genocidal misdeeds)

- The pony Lorekeeper, Storybelle, retains much information regarding the original unicorns. Her former residence was in Ponyville, as the former Golden Oaks librarian, but has been one the run since Princess Celestia scouted the potential element of Harmony bearers, the Mane 6, as fillies and manipulated events for Twilight Sparkle to inherit her library, as a means to obtain information on Storybelle as a Lorekeeper.

- The organization, ORCA, are also keepers of such ancient information, and are the overseas, Asiatic Monster Hunting branch of S.M.I.L.E. This group holds dominance over the Equestrian factions of S.M.I.L.E and the more recently formed within the circle of Mane 6- F.R.O.W.N, and has been investigating the actions of the monsters who hold high seat within the Equestrian political tier, Celestia and Luna, and their involvement with the Lorekeeper genocide, which have involved many within their own organization. Their findings are what have led both Royal Sisters to abruptly ‘retire’ from their position and quietly be brought to trial overseas.