Reminder: Age Limits and General Transaction Notice (Everyone Read)

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    Age Limits at the MLPTP


    Firstly, the board is set up that so only people who are of age 13 can join and be members here.

    However, we have had some people lie about their age so they can join, and those members unfortunately had to be suspended. If you notice someone who seems very young, be wary about trading or buying.

    This rule is not to be mean and keep young people out, on the contrary, however, it is set up to keep members safe. If you are under 13 and don't understand why you can't join, just read about net safety here: COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection

    We cannot keep you all safe, so until you're 13, we're sorry but you cannot join. If you're found to be under 13, you will be banned without notice. You can join again when you're of age.

    Secondly, you must be 16 years old to participate in transactions (such as buying, trading (including swaps), selling, and using the Friendship Freebies board, as well as custom and art sales or commissions).

    Please, follow the rules to protect yourself and other members. If you are found to be under 16 and are in transactions, you will be warned and all transactions will be closed. If you continue this behavior after you've been warned, you will be suspended or banned, depending on the situation.

    This is serious, we here at the Trading Post do not like it when our members enter transactions unknowingly with people who cannot keep up their end of the bargain. We're not suggesting you are a bad trader, but that you just simply do not have the means to trade or sell at the rate and carefulness that we like to uphold here.


    Please refresh yourselves on the etiquette of buying and selling thread.

    And as a general reminder, here are the site rules:

    Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves here. Let us know if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us without hesitation, we are here for you!
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    Hey there, I wanted to purchase some things, however, being at my age, me and my mom use this account together to make purchases. (what I mean is that we talk about the pony before purchasing it and she makes the transactions) Is this ok? Or do I have to do something to my account to show that my mom makes the purchases.

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