Peppermint Truly's Wishlist (for swaps)

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Jun 10, 2005
I tried to list only ponies that are within the price range, but I took this from my full wishlist, so overpriced ponies might've leaked here. Just ignore them :)

As for conditions of ponies: Hair seems to be the thing that matters to me the most. I don't mind very small haircuts, but I am a big fan of soft, silky hair. I don't mind small marks or small damage to the eyes and/or symbols either. Also, condition is related to the pony's value or how HTF a pony is. I wouldn't mind a more HTF/rarer pony in not so excellent condition, but if it is a common pony, I'd love it to be mint. Same thing applies to pricing a pony, I wouldn't mind a pony with several issues if it is more HTF and its condition makes it fit in the price range.

G3s don't have to be MIB since I'll debox them anyway, but they do have to be as close to mint as possible. I don't need the accessories unless I list so.

Confetti (super white and unfaded only) *
Shovels *
SS Twilight
SS Bouncy (mint flocking only)
Sea Breeze
Wave Jumper
Sand Dollar
Bunkie *
Cloud Dreamer
MO Star Hopper
Red Roses
Lucky Leaf and Leafy (got them now!)
Baby Hoppy + friend
TAF Buttons
Cha Cha (llama)
Tux 'n Tails *
Any Flower Fantasy pony except the purple one
Colorswirl Starswirl
Colorswirl Springy
Blue or purple Fancy mermaid pony
Tuneful (with guitar preferably)
Bon Bon
Baby Pony
Baby Bridesmaid
Any Great Hair Pony
SSN Pink Dreams
Any Dream Beauty except for Skyflyer, Windwalker, Colorglow, and the shimmering beauties
Pearly baby surprise
Pearly Baby Firefly
UK Baby Splish
Mommy Berrytown
Baby Sunbright
Any Hair-do pony except Starlight
Any sweetie baby except the white one
Argie Wingers *
Dutch Baby Dolphin
Dutch Love
Argie Baby Posey
Argie CP Songster
Argie Glory
Argie Medley
Argie Sugarberry
Princess Primrose with white hair
Princess Starburst with pink hair

Some birthflower ponies (ask)
SLH Royal Beauty
SLH Rainbow Treat
SLH UK Royal Beauty
2011 ComicCon Pony
2010 ComicCon Pony
Underwater Art Pony

G4/new stuff:
Funko Mystery Minis:
DJ Pon-3
Black Pinkie Pie
Black Lyra
Black Dr. Whooves
Pinkie Pie
Black Spike
Black Cadence
Black Luna
Shining Armor
Power Pony Spike
Power Pony Fluttershy (not the huge one)
Power Pony Rarity​
Blind Bag Princess Luna
Blind Bag Diamond Rose
Blind Bag Princess Celestia
Blind Bag Twilight Velvet
Blind Bag Trixie w/3d symbol
Blind Bag Sassaflash
Blind Bag Royal Riff
Blind Bag Twilight Sky
Blind Bag Magnet Bolt
2017 MLP Christmas Ornaments
Guardians of Harmony Shadowbolts
Guardians of Harmony Shining Armor

Retro/New G1 Stuff:
Any MLP Royal Subjects ***
G1 hardcover journal

UK Baby Strollers
Any princess dragon except purple one
Wigwam's headdress (upgrade)

I don't have a lot of customs but I wouldn't mind receiving a custom if you are into making customs and you're having problems finding ponies from my list.

General likes and dislikes:
To eat: Dark chocolate, cookies, cocoa, coffee, pumpkin pie
To smell: Vanilla, plumeria, flowery smells, pumpkin
General taste: Punk music, horror movie fan. Diesel husky is my baby, a spoiled husky who loves squeaky toys and treats. My favorite colors are cyan/turquoise (big time!) and purple.
Other things I collect: Living Dead Dolls, Monster High
Jelly bean type candy, earrings, um... chili... (not that you'd send me chili anyway). I'll try to add more as I think of these.

Halloween likes
Everything! It's my favorite holiday, and I love everything about it. From scary to cute, and everything in between.

Christmas likes
I like penguins, reindeer, and snow men. I'm more of "cute" and maybe "traditional" Christmas decoration type things.
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