I wish for...

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Kar Red Roses

Have decided to take a brief rest from little ponies since I've pretty much found them all anyway... I need to allow Hasbro time to manufacture some more and catch up with ME, lol!

If you need to reach me, njponymeet@aol.com


Karen :)

#1 top wish! G2 Eve, and MOC Princess Rinse n' Spit fakie!

MLP G1 comic magazines-

181,184,186,187,193,197, 200 thru 220

MLP + Friends comic magazines -
20-38,39, 45, 47+ up (if exist)

G1 Ponies

Colorswirl ponies

Perfume Puffs

Mint in Box Perfume Puffs Sweet Suds & Lavender Lace

So-soft ponies
Cherries Jubilee
Heart Throb
Wind Whistler

Sparkle ponies
Star Hopper - Store version )

Special editions

Pony Bride MIB/ NRFP (German release)
Pony Bride MIB/ NRFP (French release)
Pony Bride MIB/ NRFP (Argentina release)

Non- US ponies:
Alitas - Argentine Cool Breeze variant (blue hair)
Love Token
Nightlight (Nachtlicht) small symbol version
NBBE Baby Gusty
Beautiful Bows (yellow pearly Hair-Do Pony)
Sweet Talking ponies (pink Spanish, any French)(?)
Baby Flower pony (Dutch Blumenpony)
Baby Licorice
Baby Moondream
Seaside baby Splish w/ float

G2 Ponies MOC, MIB or great shape w/ accessories

Copper Glow
Diamond Glow
Princess Crystal
Princess Sapphire
Princess Silver Swirl

G3 Ponies - Loose OR MIB

Carribean Delight
Any birthflower G3 except August-Gladiolus and January-Carnation

I'm also wishing for...

Wedding Lanard fakies
2 junior bridesmaids
flower girl and ring bearer


My favorite candy is milk chocolate!

Fragrances - I hate cinnamon but I love roses, vanilla, chocolate, and most commercial incenses.

My favorite colors are blue, red, black and purple!

I'm passionate about vintage postcards, parrots, pizza, the Ramones, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, golden age Looney Tunes, WWE wrestling, and bats and spiders!

I like MLP Stickers - any and all sorts, new and old in new or very good condition

Tiara for Royal (big eyelash) Princesses

Bride Accessories - Tux's white bow tie

As I think of more stuff to wish for, I'll edit/update. *blows on a dandilion and wishes...* ^_^

*edited 2/26/11 to remove stuff*
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