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Jun 6, 2005
Trader Feedback at the MLPTP

Your Total feedback score represents unique feedback. This means that if you trade with a member 10 times, it counts as 1 in the total feedback score. The number of positives however will represent the actual number of trades and new comments will appear for every transaction as they are left. We had the option, and decided that unique feedback is what most members are use too as Feedback on ebay runs the same way.

Be sure to leave feedback for all transactions at the MLPTP.

Don't forget to leave feedback when transactions are completed! :)

Trading Preferences can be set on this page Trade Preference Setup

Please place all member Feedback in the relative member profile.
You can find a member's profile by clicking their name from a post or private message, or searching using the Members tab on the top navigation bar.

How to leave feedback or see your own Feedback profile:

1) From a member's profile page, click Trading Stats. The "Trading Profile" tab may appear next to the "photo" tab depending on your screen display settings.

2) Click Add Feedback to submit feedback for that member, or View Trading Profile to view their feedback.

3) Be sure to always leave accurate, honest feedback. You can also add a link to the thread relevant to your transaction. This can be helpful to others as they can then see the exact item that was traded.

4) Click Add Feedback, and you're done! :)

Feedback may NOT be edited once it is left. If you need help editing your feedback, please contact a moderator.

Feedback is now also accessible from each members postbit: This information is currently displayed within all private messages, or Conversations as shown below:


Extended Member feedback is also available. You will notice an "extended Feedback" link within the member feedback screen, under the word "neutral " over to the right hand side. Clicking on this will take you to a very detailed page. Here is an an example

Extended Trading Stats
From this we can gather how active a trader is and how recent their trades are.

If at any time you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact a moderator for assistance :)
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