Have anyone ever had trouble with customer support? thebookdepository


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Mar 4, 2015
Not in a bad way, just... weird?

Last year I bought from thebookdepository (tbd), and my package was lost from October to December (was in my city, just nobody knew where/who has it), and I contacted their support email during November to let them know about it.

The person who answered me told me they'll send another book under the condition to refuse and send back the first one if it ever appeared. The first book finally appeared in December, and due to me not being home at the moment my family received it, and forgot to contact tbd to let them now.

Fast forward, last Thursday (24) received the replacement book (I was home), and make me realize that I didn't contact tbd and refused the book, and sent immediately an e-mail letting know that I refused it because the first book appeared, I thought it was all fine.

Now the person who answered me insistst me to contact my post office to know why the book was undelivered o_O Already answered trying my best to explain that it was because the first (and original) order arrived and was the condition to send it back if it appeared o.o

Can post pics of the emails if needed.

I just don't know what to write them now because they insist me to contact the po and know why I didn't receive the book o_O