Goldilocks, Megan and pony wear, doll shoes etc

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    Downeast Maine
    *I'm in the US but may ship internationally depending on the country.
    *I accept Paypal
    *items come from nonsmoking/ pet friendly home (items are stored away from pets but there could be hairs as Rahzor likes to "help" pack)
    *no holds/trades at this time

    Goldilocks: $10 nice condition. hair is a little wild but still in original curl (I didn't dare try to tame it as I was afraid of ruining said curls). Has blush rubs but everything else looks good.

    Megan and pony wear Sweet Dreams $10 Nice condition. Megan's nightie and shoes, Sundance's nightie and shoes

    SS Megan's dress $5
    Country Jamboree's top $3
    Teddy brushes $1 each
    blue shell brush (bristles a little bent, black mark)$3
    SHS Starflash's pick: $5 (a couple of the teeth have melt marks)
    DEAL: buy this lot for $12

    Molly's bow shoes $10
    Megan's pink shoes $8
    Megan's panties: $4

    Thanks for looking!
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