Could this be a scammer?

Karen Horner

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
May 2, 2015
Does any one know of an eBay buyer called George Stevenson? He/ she has bought a large number of my items each item has been bought using a different Ebay account only just created ( having 0 feedback) each item is buy it now and has paid immediately using only one PayPal account for all items. Total amount comes to over £200. This seems very suspicious to me and even though they have paid I am very reluctant to send the items. The address is in Glasgow, I have messaged him through eBay to ask him for some reassurance but I haven’t heard anything. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Should I just cancel all the orders? If I cancel they could still leave neg feedback. Could this be actually be legit? I have alarm bells ringing on this one, has this ever happened to anyone before? Thank you so much in advance.


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Sep 1, 2009
Perhaps they are using guest checkout? I think that generates a random ID for each transaction and they may not have access to eBay messages since the IDs aren't linked to an actual eBay account.