Birthday Box!

Rabid Muffins

I was away this weekend at Otakon, and when I ame back, there was a big box waiting for me!

One of my friends sent me a HUUUGE box of pony stuff!

Here's what was in it:

Disney Pinkie Pie
Disney Minty
Disney Kimono

(BTW, I already have Aurora, so I have the whole set now!)

But wait! there's more!

Island Delight
Spin Pop Sunny Daze
Spin Pop Pinkie Pie
Spin Pop Wysteria
MLP Valentines
McD's Serendipity
Rainbow Dash cake topper
Activity Pad
Family Dollar Rainbow Dash
Family Dollar Tinka tinka too
Family Dollar Fluttershy
Family Dollar Sparkleworks

Some non-pony things were in there too, like a binder I needed for school and a moonstone (one of my personal stones. They have deep meaning for me), heart bucket, and crayons and a few little other things. Oh happy day!


Thats a great lot of ponies. Congrats :D on the Birthday box :)