Bad experience with buyer "taburisu" on eBay (Read 1 times)

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Jun 7, 2005
Recently I've had an unpleasant run-in with buyer taburisu on eBay. This person lives in Spain and messaged me literally minutes before my auctions ended, asking if I would combine shipping. I did not see the message in time (although the answer would have been yes, of course) and he chose to bid on two ponies anyway. First Class International shipping was listed at $15.00 for each pony, which is the minimum that it costs to send anything overseas now. Technically, I would be within my rights as a seller to charge the full $30.00, per the auction's contract, although I would certainly choose not to do that.

When I packaged both ponies in a box, the combined rate came to $23.50, and I added a small $2.50 surcharge to cover packing materials. When I sent the shipping quote of $26.00, he threw a fit, saying that he expected it to be only $2-3 more and that I had intended on charging him "full price" from the beginning (e.g. no combined shipping). I provided a screenshot to the USPS postage calculator and explained the total, and he said would absolutely not pay that much for shipping and "didn't want" the ponies anymore. He asked that I cancel the transactions, and I refused, stating that he was aware of the shipping cost (per pony) when he bid, and, that I had provided a screenshot of the combined shipping charges. After several emails, he decided to ignore me, and I opened a NPB case against him.

Based on his feedback, this person seems to buy ponies on occasion, so beware that he may place a bid and back out because he decides the shipping is too high (despite being clearly stated). For anyone that is interested, below is a copy of our communications.

Hello, I'd like to make the payment as soon as possible but I think there's an error in the shipping price. There's almost no difference as if I'm paying 2 separate shippings. I shipped and received many ponies before and the cost of an additional pony is none or varely $2-$3 or so. Please, I'd appreciate if you can check the price again. I think its too much for a combined shipping.

Hello [name omitted], I have attached a screenshot of the shipping cost, which is $23.50 for a 12 ounce package. There is a small surcharge for packing materials. Unfortunately shipping overseas is higher than within the United States.Thank you!

Hello, The shipping cost in the listing was different, and it said it was $15 for first class to Spain. I expected a similar price for combined shipping.

Hello [name omitted], I'm sorry, but that is THE shipping charge for the two ponies. I can't change it. :(

Hello, There is no need to put capital words, is quite offensive. As shows in the screenshot, thats the price Ebay marks as shipping cost to Spain. 2 combined ponies shouldn't double the price. I'm sorry but I can't afford nor feel satisfied with the total price. I please ask you to cancel the order, this way Ebay will refund you the fee.

[name omitted], The cost indicated in the auction for one pony is $15.00. I cannot change what it costs to send two ponies. You bid on two auctions that both had a $15.00 shipping charge, and there was no indication in the auctions that I even would combine shipping. By placing your bids, you contractually agreed to pay $15.00 shipping for EACH pony. Now, of course I am happy to combine both items into one box, which I have done, but I have ZERO control over what the post office charges. I am very sorry, but I am not willing to cancel the transactions. You entered into a contract by bidding, and if you choose not to pay, I will file a non-paying bidder case for both items, which eBay will resolve. It is up to you how you would like to proceed, but in the end, you chose to place bids on these items.

I'm honestly very surprised to receive such a negative attitude. It's not a problem for you to cancel the order, you'll get a fee refund and can relist the ponies again. I had 0 problems with sellers to combine shipping even if not described in the listing or as seller myself canceling orders to people that regreted or didn't want the item anymore. So I don't understand why do you want to complicate this more? Especially after this I don't want to have these ponies in no way. As I supposed, you didn't really combined the shipping but wanted to make me pay 2 shipping cost from the beginning. You knew I didn't mean to combine in a single box, please don't try to change the context. Last, you keep using capitals after I mentioned that is disrespectful so I understand that you're doing it intentionally.

I am using capitals because I am very frustrated. You chose to enter a contract by bidding, knowing that each auction had a shipping charge of $15.00. In essence, you were agreeing to pay whatever the cost of the final item was, plus shipping, when you hit the "enter bid" button. While there was no guarantee of combined shipping, as you have seen, I have offered to ship the items together. I have sent you a screenshot of what the actual cost is, and while it may be more than you had expected, why should I be penalized as a seller that you have changed your mind?

I am not changing any context -- I am clarifying that I have weighed both ponies in a single box, and have calculated what that will cost me to ship them to you. I always offer to combine shipping for customers and I cannot help that *actual* cost is $23.50. I have added a small surcharge of $2.50 for materials. I have no idea why you think this is anything but honest.

I do not feel as though I should be penalized for your decision to bid. Another person had bid on one of the ponies, and if you had not, I would have made a sale. I am sorry, but I am firm on my decision. I have done absolutely nothing wrong here -- you chose to bid, knowing what the shipping rate for EACH item was, and NOT knowing what combined shipping was. I have sent you a quote with the *actual* shipping cost plus a small materials fee. If you choose to send payment, you are welcome to resell the ponies if you do not want to keep them. If you choose not to send payment, I will open a non-paying bidder case for both items, and you will receive a strike for each unpaid item. This is my right as a seller, and I'm very frustrated that you have chosen to make this transaction so difficult.


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Dec 24, 2010
Oh brother what a pain in the pony patootie.